FIRST Robotics Canada is on a mission! We are on a mission to educate even more kids and youth about coding and programming. Thanks to CanCode funding, FIRST is embarking on some exciting new initiatives to get students engaged in coding.

Check out our coding booth at FIRST Robotics Competition events and check out some of our partners we’re working with on some cool programs!

Here are some of our incredible CanCode initiatives:

  • FRC Java Tutorials
As part of the CanCode program, we’ve created a complete FIRST Robotics Competition Java tutorial series to get you started for this years’ game. The tutorials will teach you the basics of programming starting from your first drive commands to using sensors! See all of the tutorials here.
  • PixelPad Fun with Java and Python

You can build FIRST Robotics POWER UP, Maker Labs and Castle Crashers games using the coding handbook and pre-made game guide. Click here to find out more!

  • Event Activities

Check out our event calendar to view more information on upcoming events

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