Elevating Girls & Young Women in STEM

FIRST Robotics Canada recognizes the tremendous benefits of diversity, and since its inception in 2001 has encouraged equality and inclusion in all its programs. As such, girls and young women need support in the STEM field.

FIRST Robotics Canada is proud to collaborate with corporate executives, educational institutional leaders, and passionate individuals who all believe in success for, and inclusion and acceptance of, girls and young women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Girls in STEM Executive Advisory Council
This council offers insight and oversight that will help us break down the barriers of girls in STEM, encourage girls and young women to become innovative and successful leaders of the future, and build the foundation for systematic change for acceptance and inclusion of girls in STEM.

Girls in FIRST Weekend


FIRST Robotics Canada and the Murai family are proud to announce the “Canadian Women in STEM Award” scholarship of $10,000 to encourage and support high school girls who wish to pursue post-secondary education and a career in a STEM field. The ideal candidate would be someone who has demonstrated strong leadership, is fanatical about science and technology and wants to motivate positive change in the community. Find out more about here.